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Gina Sando outsideGood nutrition is the foundation of good health.
Ms. Sando teaches the principles of holistic nutrition with an understanding of what nutrients each of us need. With proper nutrition, you can improve your state of health, stave off disease, increase energy levels and maintain a harmonious balance the way nature intended.

You receive your own wellness plan tailor-made for your health and life-style needs based on a nutritional evaluation form and personal interview. Gina takes into account busy lifestyles, family demands, health issues and personal intentions when designing your nutrition and exercise program. She even takes you to the grocery store to show you the best choices in food, beverage, supplementation, and meal planning. A kitchen pantry filled with an array of delicious healthy options makes for an enjoyable, nurturing and easy road to health and vitality.

"With Gina's expert guidance, I achieved a significant drop in my cholesterol and lost weight that I have kept off for years." Ross

What the Ageless Healing Nutritional Program provides
(4 sessions):
*Personalized Wellness Plan
*Grocery Shopping Instruction
*Healthy Meal Planning
*Detoxification Series
*Optimal Body Weight
*Exercise Program

Nutritional Counseling Sessions
Initial per hour $125.
Follow-up per hour $125.
Phone per ½ hour $ 55.

Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance or full charges apply.

To schedule a consultation please call Gina at 310-455-2224

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