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Classical homeopaths are distinguished from the nonclassical by their interest in identifying and using constitutional remedies. These are based on an in-depth interview to understand all the patient's idiosyncratic symptoms in response to an illness, as well as his or her psychological, emotional, physical, and hereditary characteristics. The classical practitioner must be a skilled diagnostician and prescriber interested in the person's unique pattern of symptoms in response to what may be
a common ailment.

In order to make such an in-depth assessment of the person's symptom picture, an intimate knowledge of that person on all levels needs to be taken into account. This requires an investment of time in getting to know the client well. The client is given a homeopathic questionnaire (to be completed and returned a week prior to initial appointment) which requires a two-hour comprehensive assessment by Ms. Sando. This is distinguished from a nonclassical practitioner who might palliate (remedies given based primarily on the ailment--acute or chronic) which temporarily suppresses the symptom but does not address the root of the imbalance.

As a classical homeopath, Ms. Sando adheres most closely to Hahnemann's principle of like cures like and does not prescribe on the basis of simply the illness alone, recognizing that different people with the same illness have different symptoms based on their own unique constitution. In addition to constitutional remedies, Gina also uses acute and chronic remedies. Educated at The Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy under the personal tutelage of Dr. Luc De Schepper she received certification in the laws of homeopathy, case-taking, prescribing, psychology, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology.

"Gina is a gifted healer whose gentle guidance and compassionate approach help bring about positive changes both physically and mentally."      Meredith Kelly

What Ageless Healing Classical Homeopathy provides:
*Ageless Healing Nutritional Program
*In-depth homeopathic questionnaire research of medical history and current symptoms
*Thorough interview in which patient's symptom picture is understood within the context of his or her unique psychological, spiritual, emotional, behavioral, and physical aspects.
*Individualization based on these factors
*A single remedy is then administered according to the law and principles of classical
homeopathy (no additional charge for remedies)
*Management of the case and extended treatment for restoration of health

Ageless Healing Homeopathic Consulting:
Initial with Nutritional Counseling
$175 - 2 hours research (paid prior to initial appointment)
$175 - 1 ½ hour initial appointment
$125 per hour for follow-up appointments
Homeopathic remedies are included at no charge

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or full charges apply

To schedule a consultation please call Gina at 310-455-2224

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